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Springtime, 1994 "Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love" Number 21

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim, 

is all a-flutter and a-twitter, bursting out all over — an oriole displays his brilliant orange and black colors; a mocking bird trills his repertoire as we eat lunch under the apricot tree. Two finch families nested on our front porch
— one in a pot of ferns and the other under the eaves.

Amirah Yates, our computer manager, noticed birds looking for cozy nesting areas along the eaves of our back porch. She fashioned two nests from old nests reinforcing them with her own hair. The finches happily took over. When she is not busy with birds she is typing STEPS in Swahili from a hand-written translation by a 1änzanian.

Marty Bruhn helps in the office, maintains our Peace Center grounds and is a great asset in general repairs. Then he rollerskates over ten miles to work as a camp counselor. George Lahoud, from Lebanon, our volunteer gardener this year, enlightens us with the history of the Middle East.

Barbara Werner still answers letters from Africa and now most of our daily letters. This leaves Ann freer to work on current Peace Pilgrim projects that keep presenting themselves. Here’s a quote from a letter Barbara received from Nigeria: “I read every word of the PEACE PILGRIM book, front to back. It’s quite unputdownable.”

Peace Pilgrim’s words continue to inspire people in more than 100 countries. Some spread her message by translating STEPS, or writing articles for books or magazines. We receive many requests for books from those who read a Peace Pilgrim article in one of hundreds of small publications. Books with Peace Pilgrim chapters or quotes also bring many requests. We want you to know how very much Friends of Peace Pilgrim appreciate all efforts to spread her message. We are sorry not to be able to mention each one.

In our living room are display shelves with the three English editions, the six translations of PEACE PILGRIM and 21 translations of STEPS. Also on display are books and magazines that include Peace Pilgrim chapters or quotes.

Translated by Anatol Brunton, 2540 North King Way, Claremont, CA 91711 — Anatol translated STEPS a year ago. Recently 18,000 were printed in the Ukraine, after great efforts in overcoming many obstacles.

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Andy Zupko, one of the compilers of PEACE PILGRIM, wrote about his visit to an ashram in India where he met Madhava, a translator from France:

One day Madhava was telling me how he would search the very extensive ashram spiritual library, and if a book hit him at the core of his being — he would translate it into French and send it to a French publisher, and generally, because of his relationship with the publisher, the book would be printed in France.

Seeing an opening to perhaps getting the Peace Pilgrim book translated into French (not knowing that it had already been published there) — I chanced to say, “There is a book you might be interested in.” And I gave him a brief history of the Peace Pilgrim book. As I was talking, he had a strange smile on his face. When I finished, with a twinkle in his eye, he grinned and said, “I translated that book into French several years ago! It is one of my favorites.”

It is certainly a very small world... I travel 12,000 miles around the world to an obscure village in India and meet the French translator of PEACE PILGRIM. [The translator's French name is Jack Gontier.]

SCOTLAND — Frequently we are asked by people to borrow our Peace Pilgrim videos. We continue to give workshops here at the Findhorn Foundation and in other countries and we always carry the video with us and show it during a workshop. Peace is a wonderful example of what we teach — which is about healing, forgiveness and “going home to God.” We also carry a supply of the STEPS booklets and offer them in workshops — usually the day after we have shown the video — to those who are interested. It’s a very nice follow-up.

Here in the Foundation, Michael and I have become known as the source of the Peace Pilgrim information. We often have school teachers who are inspired to obtain a Peace Pilgrim video to show in their schools. Isn’t that a wonderful way to reach children. — Salice Dawson


Ricky Fuster, Ronda Buganvilla del Rcy, #9, 28023 Madrid, Spain. Ricky has been requesting English and Spanish books for a long time. He has now modified and published the Spanish translation for readers in Spain.

A PROVIDENCIA — 641 North Glen Oaks Drive,
Alpine, CA 91901 TEL: (619)445-4570

Sister Pat and Sister Millie invited us to talk about Peace Pilgrim with an ecumenical group (mostly women) at their beautiful Retreat Center. They asked many questions and were delighted with our new 30-minute video. They responded with bursts of laughter at the way Peace Pilgrim handled her prison experience with humor and aplomb.


EAGLES MOUNT WEST — Cynthia Lurton, P0 Box 348, Kayenta, Santa Clara, Utah 84765 Tel: (801)673-8760

Cynthia has requested many boxes of books through the years. For Christmas she requested 62 of our audio cassette albums of the PEACE PILGRIM book for her friends and relatives. She asked us to print this in our newsletter:
“There is so much wasted time in transit throughout the US which could be transformed by listening to your tapes.”

Cynthia and Elaine, her next door neighbor, invited us to stay for a week at their YOUNG BODY RETREAT CENTER. We had a relaxed time in the beautiful desert community where low sand colored homes are part of the desert landscape. It was a treat to use their exercise equipment & enjoy their healthy meals & juices. We shared the new video with 25 of their numerous friends. They love Peace Pilgrim so much they want to keep us young in order to send books and tapes whenever they need them.


INDIA — Peace’s message has universal appeal — the quintessence of spiritual teachings of all the saints, sages, seers and avatars of all ages, regions and religions. And it is, perhaps, the simplest to understand and the one which she LIVED! This makes it very very special, with the spiritual potency to inspire. — ShambhuDass


RUSSIA — From a far away Russia I write to you.... people who know about Peace Pilgrim live all over the world and I am one of them.

I was 15 when I first heard about this wise woman. Now I am 17 and have managed to know more about her, thanks to the RUSSIAN FRIENDS of PEACE PILGRIM. I can say she changed my life, my mind and creed. The only thing I desire is to help plenty of people around me to know about the perfect and selfless life of Peace Pilgrim and to strive for it.

I made up my mind to become a teacher because this noble profession is a wonderful opportunity to tell many people and children about Peace Pilgrim’s ideals of kindness and clearness of soul. I chose the English department as I was eager to master the language Peace Pilgrim spoke. I am a first year student now. I dare to ask for English Peace Pilgrim books, audio and videos with her speech. They would help us to get rid of mistakes in expressing her thoughts. All of us, my fellow students and my future students will be very much obliged to you. — Maria

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We read your wonderful daily letters (from 5 to 50) and would like to share all of the letters with you. However, since we cannot, we save quotes to share. The hardest job is choosing which of the hundreds of quotes to put in our newsletters. This time we have chosen many quotes from other countries.


— I want to express my joy about STEPS TOWARD INNER PEACE which has tremendously transformed my life and the lives of some University staff and students. I am now experiencing new life and harmony. I feel grateful for your efforts to spread this spiritual message throughout the world and in particular in this small Kingdom.


FINLAND — I am an Indian of the Iriadament Tribe (Quebec) and involved in a walk for peace and life all over the world. RETOUR is the name of the walk. We have walked through the European countries. A friend gave me PEACE PILGRIM and I have been fascinated by her walk, her work and her life. I hope we’ll meet when we cross America in ‘96 or ‘97. e asked for our materials which we sent.]


JERUSALEM — I have just finished reading PEACE PILGRIM and found it a most touching experience. I’m an Irishman working in Ethiopia and have spent a few months here in Jerusalem, where I came across the book. Next I travel to U.S. to visit my sister. e asks for a book sent to Olathe, Kansas!!]


SANTA BARBARA — A friend told our Quaker Meeting how she had taught English in Siberia using STEPS in English and Russian.


IRELAND — I have just completed reading a photocopied article on the wonderful Peace Pilgrim & it is the most inspiring, moving & loving story I have ever read. I have given the article to relatives & friends & we are all moved deeply by it. — Clare Cahill


ABBEY OF NEW CLAIRVAUX, CA — I read PEACE PILGRIM with avid interest. I had never heard of her before. I live as a monastic hermit and was amazed to discover that here was a person who discovered and lived the richest monastic secrets in a unique way — and apparently never lived in a monastery! The open road was her monastery, or better, she carried it in her being as she walked.
Peace Pilgrim’s message is crucial for our world’s welfare, even survival. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what I might do to spread knowledge of her, besides the sharing of your materials. about spreading her message.]

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by Jolene DeLisa

After eighteen months of shock, rage and grief, [following her son's accidental death] I started to smell the flowers again. I got involved in many projects, working as a mentor in the high schools, one day a week with "Habitat" and being a docent & hostess in museums. I also read to the blind on public radio in Tampa.

One day I wondered why I was reading such depressing stories [about the rragedy in Bosnia]. Why not something wonderful like PEACE PILGRIM and I asked the station if I could read it. The following week they approved of it with much joy. I taped the book for WUSK & WSFP in Tampa, Florida. They have an audience of more thatn five tousand, and it reaches Ft. Meyers & Sarasota. I suspect there will be more Peace Pilgrim admirers in Florida.

NEW ZEALAND — How delighted I was to receive a copy of PEACE PILGRIM. I still feel a sense of wonder at the way spiritual energy moves us. This book is not what I imagined it would be, but has messages far beyond my expectations. And I give thanks that this wonderful being has been made known to me. I have tremendous urge for world peace and am aware of a searching by many people all over the world seeking love and peace.

What wonderful guidance chose this book for me and now I have a book that is the very essence of life. Words cannot express my feelings. Beliefs that have been strengthening within me are now complete, thanks to Peace, some one I had never heard of.


by Janet Conrad

This is the name of a course I am involved in at Rivier College, New Hampshire. The goal of the course is to learn how to live and teach peace imaginatively and creatively in both thought and action.

One of the requirements is to choose a peacemaker and report on the historical circumstances in which these people lived, their basic accomplishments, the spirituality that motivated them as well as the legacy they left behind...We have been asked to take our own personal research and link this to the research done by others in a small group and finally to present this to the class in some creative manor.

I have enjoyably done my own research on Peace Pilgrim and would like to use your 32 page booklet as part of our groups presentation. I feel this would be a nice addition to the other materials handed out in the classroom.

SRI LANKA— I was impressed by PEACE PILGRIM. I’m of the view that her books should be a constant companion and source of reference to every one of us, confused in daily living and tensed up by the events of each day.

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John Baker, president emeritus of Ohio University (see Newsletter 20) wrote to us, “In these days of greedy, dishonest charitable managers, your all-volunteer organization is a clarion call to the world. Might I suggest that you, at the proper time, issue a summary statement of your finances.” Note that we pay no salaries.

Receipts and Expenditures For The Year Ending
December 31, 1993


Gifts   $78,619.49
Wilderness Retreat       7,427.90
Documentary Donations            15,583.58
Other Receipts       1,951.69
Total Receipts  $103,582.66


Cost of Literature distributed  $45,248.85
Mailing  17,736.95
Wilderness Retreat  7,338.85
Office Supplies  2,290.42
Utilities & Center Expenses  3,897.23
Equipment  2,263.21
Documentary  10,251.78
Transportation  1,152.95
Newsletter  5,888.77
Miscellaneous  626.38
Total Expenses  $96,695.39
Net Gain  $6,887.27

Also in Newsletter 20 we printed a poem by Elizabeth from the book, HER WORDS. George Dolnikowski, a long time friend of the Bakers and translator of PEACE PILGRIM into Russian, wrote this about her book of poetry: “I read the entire collection of poetry and prose and I was overwhelmed with the sincerity and depth of feeling expressed in it. My favorite poem is ‘Fragile Child of Mystery.’ While reading it, I immediately connected it in my mind with the most famous Russian (Byzantine) icon, ‘Our Lady of Vladimir,’ or better known as ‘Our Lady of Tenderness.” The icon and the poem both express the reality and mystery of Motherhood.”

Fragile Child of Mystery

My darling sweet who lies asleep,
I hold you gently in my arms,
Wrapt in love as strong and deep
As all eternity and its stars
Fragile child of mystery
Innocent flower of rare delight
I love and hold you tenderly,
For God is near to me to-night.

ENGLAND — It is so easy for people of all walks of life, even those living in Monasteries, to be weighed down with inner turmoil of one kind or another. I find that the message of Peace Pilgrim is the same message of Jesus — all boiled down to one living word “Love.”

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It’s hard to believe that a year ago this whole project was still a dream...We had no financing but a lot of faith that it would somehow come together...

Even so, probably no one was more surprised than the three of us when all the necessary elements seemed to miraculously fall into place and we were on the road by June 29th. After three and a half remarkable months (for details see Newsletters 19 and 20) crossing the country in our “Spirit of Peace” van, we returned to Los Angeles for a little recuperation and to plan out the next two legs of our journey.

Up to that point, everything had flowed almost effortlessly. But then, like Peace Pilgrim on the first year of her pilgrimage, we were tested...

Just days before we were about to leave for Northern California, Claire found out she’d developed breast cancer. Needless to say, we were stunned. ..It seemed impossible that such a thing could happen! But somehow we gathered the strength to regroup, rethink what we needed to do, and move forward. As the Malibu fires were raging, we said our good-byes. Claire stayed home to begin her journey of healing, while Dave and Gigi rolled off in the van to resume “The Spirit of Peace” pilgrimage in Northern California...

Among the many wonderful people we were privileged to interview there was Cheryl Canfield, one of the compilers of the book who’d spent a lot of time with Peace Pilgrim in her last years. Fortunately, we’d brought lots of videotape. Cheryl kept our spirits up as she regaled us with her many personal stories of Peace Pilgrim. We were also comforted to be with her at that time as she herself is a cancer survivor. That gave us lots of hope for Claire.

By the end of November we were ready to resume the next leg of our journey. Returning to Los Angeles for less than 24 hrs, we were encouraged to hear that Claire was doing well and scheduled for surgery the next day. Feeling greatly relieved and encouraged, Dave and Gigi continued on to New Mexico...

Our first stop was Albuquerque where we were invited to a training seminar being given by the Dallas Mediation Lawyers (See Newsletters 11, 12 and 15). What a privilege that was! It was completely inspiring to see Peace Pilgrim’s influence creating such an impact among our country’s lawyers, and to see how the lawyers, in turn, are transforming our legal system. Peace Pilgrim’s golden rule for resolving conflicts, “Have as your objective the resolving of the conflict and not the gaining of advantage” is being put to good use by this very impressive group of Mediation Lawyers.

We were so thoroughly uplifted by our time with the Mediation Lawyers, that we practically floated over to our next destination — Santa Fe. It was in this city of Holy Faith at the home of Richard Polese that the five compilers, including Richard, very appropriately came together in 1982 to compile the Peace Pilgrim book.

In addition to taping Richard Polese’s tales of Peace Pilgrim, other highlights of New Mexico included meeting Arthur Kanegis, a film producer whose company, Future Wave, creates stories using alternatives to violence for the big screen. Peace Pilgrim gave him the dilapidated sneakers she wore when she completed her 25,000 miles in 1964. He was a high school student at the time.

Something rather ironic happened on our way to Tucson, Arizona, where we were to visit a prison. As we passed the town of Benson, we realized this was where Peace Pilgrim was arrested and booked for vagrancy. We decided to stop and see what we could find...

We were sent on a bit of a goose chase but finally shown the Benson jail. What a disappointment! It was a one room cell, not at all the way she described it in the book. (“A large inner room, surrounded by cell blocks...”) We were beginning to get a little concerned. Did Peace Pilgrim make the story up?.. Very discouraged, we trudged over to the Benson Museum hoping they might have some old jail records.

A very friendly group of women greeted us. When we explained what we were looking for, they got rather curious and asked to see the book. We read the passage where Peace Pilgrim described being arrested by a plainclothes policeman at the Benson Post Office. They read on to the part where she was taken to court and one of them exclaimed, “There’s no courthouse in Benson. She must've been taken to Bisbee!” 

The next thing we knew, we were driving south to Bisbee, the county seat. What Peace Pilgrim described as a short drive, was actually more like an hour. (The police car must’ve been faster than our van.) When we arrived, we quickly found the courthouse. An extremely helpful bailiff befriended us and took us on a tour of the old jail house. We were taken almost immediately to where he was sure the women were kept: A large inner cell surrounded by cell blocks, exactly the way Peace described it. Since the old jail was no longer being used as a jail, we were allowed to go around and film it. We also filmed the courtroom where she was brought before the judge.

Thrilled with our jail discovery, we were driving off toward Tucson when it occurred to us that this may have been the “high, mountainous region in the remote part of Arizona” where Peace Pilgrim had her near death experience in the snowstorm. Feeling inspired, we hopped out of the van and started filming...We found a bridge with a high railing and checked the date. It was built in 1950...We half expected to find a petrified cardboard packing box and “Peace Pilgrim Slept Here” painted on the stone. Even though we didn’t, we were sure we’d found the right place.

We arrived in Tucson thinking this trip couldn’t get any better. We were wrong. One of our first interviews was with Michael Todd (see Newsletter 18). Since he wrote to the Peace Pilgrim Center telling about the Peace Pilgrim Program and the Prison Inner Peace Program, he’d been released from prison. At the time of our visit, he was setting into motion continuing his life of service as a volunteer working with H.I.V. positive women...We also met with Thomas Magnuson, the director of the Echo Unit at Arizona State Prison. Finally, we got into the prison itself...

It was the first time either of us had ever been in a Prison so we really didn’t know what to expect. What we found astounded us. We met first with Richard Wirta, the prisoner who developed the Prison Inner Peace Program. We felt like we were in the presence of another Peace Pilgrim. Richard was not influenced by Peace Pilgrim or anyone else. Completely independent of any outside influence, the Inner Peace information came to him in a dream or a vision. We sat there awestruck as he told his story. Richard illustrated to us a point that Peace Pilgrim emphasized again and again. It’s not the messenger but the message. Truth is truth and it can be given to anyone. And it was certainly given to Richard in a place where it is was needed desperately.

Then we met with a group of prisoners who’d actually gone through the Prison Inner Peace Program. Again, we were amazed! We all but forgot we were sitting in a prison. And it’s certainly the last place we would’ve ever expected to find so many enthusiastic experts on the subject of inner peace.

We returned to Los Angeles a week before Christmas for a holiday break and to the good news that Claire’s surgery had gone well and she was recovering rapidly. We were also delighted to get all the Season’s Greetings from so many of you.

Rested and prepared for our final interviews, We were scheduled to leave on one last trip on January 17th. We did not oversleep that morning as we were all violently dumped out of bed by the Northridge Earthquake...Still that put only a minor crimp in our plans as Gigi, who lives only a few miles from the epicenter wanted to see if her apartment was going to be condemned before leaving town.

Two days later, somewhat tired, and a little grungy, but grateful to escape the after shocks, we steered again toward Northern California. This time we visited Andy Zupko, another close friend of Peace Pilgrim. Having traveled with Peace Pilgrim to Alaska and Hawaii, and as one of the 5 compilers of the book, he was brimming with stories. Even though we had a hard time keeping Dave off the enormous trampoline in Andy’s backyard and out of his almond orchard, we still managed to get in our second longest interview.

We returned to Los Angeles just long enough to grab some clean clothes, (and happily learn that Gigi’s apartment was not condemned) before dashing off to San Diego to interview Jeff Blom, who’d been a volunteer at the Peace Pilgrim Center for 4½ years.

Finally, we arrived at our last stop, Hemet, California. We felt that the Peace Pilgrim Center was the appropriate place to finish the interviews with Ann and John Rush. Our only regret is that we couldn’t continue on and interview everyone who expressed interest and had a story to tell.

P.S. Many have asked us when we will have a completed film. We are now working on chiseling our 120 hours of footage down to the equivalent of 100 minutes of screen time in our “paper edit.” With all the expensive costs involved in completing the film, we estimate we will need approximately $40,000. So far, whatever we’ve needed has been provided — a beautiful testimony to Peace Pilgrim’s principles! We’re doing all the good work on this film that we can each day and we’re leaving the results in higher hands.

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CROATIA — I’m from the country of Croatia. I spent the summer in the U.S. working with children in a girl scout camp. After the camp I hiked 265 miles of the Long Trail through Vermont. I found in a shelter on the trail the PEACE PILGRIM book. Ever since I have been reading this book. I read it over and over again, every time fmding something new in it. This book has changed my life — Sonja Komadina 


PARAGUAY — I am writing because my interest in Peace Pilgrim has grown exponentially since reading the book. Rarely have I been so inspired as I was today as I returned in a small van to La Paz from the remote village of Coroico — winding our way through the fog-laden mountains along a road barely wide enough to hold the width of a single vehicle. It was a most harrowing and spectacular ride. Reading of Peace’s notions about God, Love, Peace and courage in the face of death, provided me with more than enough in the way of peace of mind. — American School of Asuncion c/o US Embassy, Asuncion, Paraguay


ECUADOR — I am a Peace Corps volunteer and was fortunate enough to find a copy of PEACE PILGRIM here. I cannot explain in words how this book inspired me. My assignment is helping at a center for street kids. I have learned so much from these children, and Peace Pilgrim’s words helped me to see things in a much more positive light. I think of her words daily, with eveiy thought and every action. — Teresa Bonilla


BROOKLYN — I have read in many places about Peace Pilgrim’s service and good example. Peace Pilgrim articles appeared in consecutive sections in WORLD UNION of Sri Aurobindo, Pondicherry, India. What a JOY!
And here is a recent quote from India: I came across the PEACE PILGRIM book at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. It is immensely absorbing and beautiful beyond words.


LOUISVILLE, KY — I recently got your address while travelling through India.

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Frank Noffke, a long time Peace Pilgrim friend, has served as a planning consultant for college facilities for more than 100 colleges and universities in U.S. and Canada. The positions he has held are too numerous to list here.

Frank visited us and concluded that our facilities are inadequate. He has offered to contact foundations for funds for more work space and facilities for permanent and visiting volunteers. We feel honored that he has taken such an interest. He has stated that:

“The Peace Pilgrim project of sending out Peace Pilgrim literature to the world is the most worthwhile cause I have experienced in 45 years of project work at all levels (personal, church, college, university and governmental programs).

“I have been in Peace Education work for nine years as a speaker, planner and scholar, as well as a Peace Advocate and networker. This project is the most cost-effective force for world peace in existence that I know of.”

We especially feel the need of adequate housing for permanent volunteers (retired couples or individuals in good health who want to spend their lives helping us spread Peace Pilgrim ‘s message) and for part-time volunteers.

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INDIA — From a Catholic Sister — I find PEACE PILGRIM very inspirational. She has really taken the call
of the Gospel to total poverty seriously — and I mean total, not just freedom from material goods.

A little about the Ashram — we are Christian and ecumenical — open to all seekers of whatever religion. We have in the house seven Hindus, two Buddhists, at least four practicing Christians apart from the Community, one Muslim and the remaining eight no particular religious affiliation but on the spiritual path. We do not try to convert but we do have discussion groups and community activities and most of the household came to midnight Mass at Christmas and sang carols afterwards.


EARTHSEALS — Paul Hoffman

You have probably received several EarthSeals, a Nasa image of the earth from outer space that we send with packages. Paul sends STEPS with his mailings. This trade helps spread both messages. With the help of donations he has printed 6 million EarthSeals in eight languages, and there over a million STEPS in print in 21 languages.


INDIA — I have derived extreme faith, courage and strength from Peace Pilgrim’s books. I always carry it with me. So many students in our college campus have come to know about her life and message. We conduct peace trips to nearby villages and spread her message through her books and booklets. So many have developed extreme faith in her teachings and are putting it into practice.


“The USA is number one in arms exports, possession of nuclear weapons, military strength and handgun deaths. The use of violence abroad contributes to violence at home. General and complete disarmament will result in saving lives everywhere while reclaiming the resources from the Pentagon to rebuild the economic and social fabric of our society.” — FELLOWSHIP OF RECONCILIATION, Box 271, Nyack, New York 10960


In Newsletter 20 is a letter from David and Andrew Krest about their three-month trip from Florida to Arizona, sharing many STEPS booklets. Here are quotes from news articles enroute:

“Krest said there are far more good people in the world than bad and he wants his son to see that people are wiffing to help others.” — “Who would have believed we would be invited to stay in a courthouse? And that the mayor would be taking our clothes home to dry?” — “We are doing this to discover within ourselves what we can do to create peace within our world.”


CHURCH WORLD, a Catholic newspaper, Brunswick, ME

"Her views on pacifism I find intriguing. She extended her pacifism to include non-use of psychological violence, as
well as non-use of physical violence. As a result, she no longer became angry. She not only did not say angry words; she didn’t even think angry thoughts! When someone did an unkind thing to her, she felt only compassion instead of resentment. Those who hated her, she would love in return — knowing that hatred can only be overcome by love, and knowing that there is good in all human beings which can be reached by a loving approach. (Readers will see similarities between Peace Pilgrim’s philosophy and Jesus’ teaching.)”


VENEZUELA — Thank you so much for the copies of PASOS and STEPS. I have shared the booklets with many people and have used some extracts from PASOS in talks in the “health care” course I am giving to thirty barrio people. — Sister M. Clare


GUATEMALA — A friend gave me STEPS. I am very grateful for Peace Pilgrim’s simplicity and clarity of vision. I have come to see that unless we have peace within, we cannot work for peace. I often have many questions about what I am going do, how I am to affect the oppression in my country. I don’t have many answers but I think that’s OK for now. I really appreciated Peace’s thoughts because, rather than being overwhelming, they are so simple and free. I feel very encouraged by her and so I wanted to thank you for making available the Steps and other materials. — Eugenia Aguirre

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by Ed Chasteen, Jewell College

The year was 1961. 1 had just finished my day as English teacher at Round Rock High School and was on my way home when I passed someone walking along the road, PEACE PILGRIM in big letters across her front. I stopped and picked her up.

She was quite a hit at dinner. The girls couldn’t figure out what to make of this woman old enough to be their grandmother who walked around the country telling people about peace, having nothing, asking nothing, taking what was offered, or doing without. Texas Baptist Children’s Home didn’t often have this kind of visitor.

When she spoke to the all-school assembly at the high school the next day, Peace Pilgrim told her quiet story with such authority that all who listened were transfixed. And transported to a place where gentleness and purpose and passion for peace are part of the real world.

In the years from ‘61 to ‘79, I would run across a news story now and then about Peace Pilgrim in Mexico or Canada or various states. Then in ‘79 she showed up at Jewell College and I had her in my class.


A book Ed Chasteen wrote about a bicycle ride he took without any money.

When in ‘86 I began to dream of BikeAmerica, it was the example of Peace Pilgrim that shaped and gave it direction, though so subtle had been her influence upon me that I could recognize it only as I looked back to find the source of my plan to be penniless.

I first learned of the PEACE PILGRIM BOOK when I was in Eugene, Oregon in 1987, nearing the end of my cross-country bicycle ride. At a vegetarian restaurant in Eugene, Norma Corr invited him to sleep in their loft. While talking about health foods in their living room Norma asked if he had heard of Peace Pilgrim.

Now to sit in Norma’s living room and have her show me the PEACE PILGRIM BOOK about her life and its purpose — a book I didn’t know existed — is to me confirmation of my life and the direction it has taken.

Alone and without money I had left Orlando, Florida two months earlier, and I would be another month in getting to Anaheim, California.

I have given away many PEACE PILGRIM books since you sent me some several years ago. Now I’m grateful you can send more to share with my students and friends.


AUSTRALIA — The Peace Pilgrim SIEPS booklet is so down to earth and without sectarianism, it is able to speak to all manner of people.— Father Conlan (See Newsletter 19)

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Located on the campus of William Jewel! College in Liberty, Missouri, was founded and is directed by Dr. Ed Chasteen. Ed teaches Race and Ethnic Relations and Cultural Anthropology. From their brochure:

HateBusters began in 1989 when a Klan member won election to the Louisiana Legislature. A group of students at Wiffiam Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri wanted to help redeem the image of the state and to encourage the good people of Louisiana to fight back. At the invitation of the governor and hosted by a black church and a white church, HateBusters undertook their first mission. Student HateBusters have since traveled by invitation to more than a dozen states. They hope to visit all 50 by the end of the century.

HateBusters teach people how to like people. They organize Human Family Reunions and hundred mile bicycle rides. They write HateBuster Bulletins for their local newspapers. They wear their red and yellow, black, brown and white Hatellusters T-shirts. They speak in civic clubs, businesses, schools and religious settings. When hate erupts, HateBusters respond.

Their immediate goal is to take HateBusters nationwide by getting 100 corporate sponsors, 1,000 religious sponsors, and 10,000 individual members.

To help start a HateBusters chapter, student HateBusters will go anywhere in the United States they are asked to go. Using the book written specifically for this purpose, HOW TO LIKE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT LIKE YOU, these HateBusters from Liberty will teach new HateBusters how to like themselves, then to like friends and family better, and finally, how to like people who are different by virtue of race and religion. How, when, where, and why to oppose organized hate will be addressed.

For information on how to become a member write to:
HateBusters, William Jewell College, 500 College Hill, Liberty, Mo 64068, Phone (816)781-7700, ext. 5483.


AUSTIN, TX — I just got through reading STEPS and am inspired to help humanity in simple ways. Everything I read in this small pamphlet had so much meaning and made a lot of sense. The world, as chaotic as it is, needs to be bombarded with the message of Peace in order that we may live happier simple lives.


LITHUANIA — My name is Gabija. Now I am reading a wonderful book of Peace. I have borrowed the book from my friend, and I must give it back sometime, yet I wish to have it with me and be able to reread while having such need. Also I have told about the book to many of my friends, and they are looking forward to read it. Therefore, I will be very happy to receive Peace Pilgrim’s literature and to share with many interested people the joy of dwelling on it.

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by Cliff Brooks of Berkeley, California

In January my wife and I went to Cuba for 3 weeks to visit her family, after not sccing thcm for 14 years. I never, ever felt more safe in any country of a different politic. There was a strength of character that was very new to me. They seem to be strengthened by their very unfortunate predicament of having very little to eat or not having good enough shoes or barely suitable clothing.

My cousin Pedro, who does not believe in God or anything outside himself, is a staunch believer in his own capabilities. He feels that it is only a lacking of self worth that makes a person search outside himself for answers. He truly does not doubt himself; he has a very giving heart and is a very honest noble person. Because he is an atheist he was the last person on earth I thought would have any interest in reading Peace Pilgrim, but after I gave him the STEPS booklet, he went everywhere with it. He said that this booklet agreed with his principles of self improvement and the value of living to your fullest potential. It seems that is a very natural way for Cuban people to be, whether they are communist or not.

I have since ordered 50 STEPS and 10 PEACE PILGRIM books for him and told him to form groups where people could meet every week and discuss what they have read. Several other people we talked to are starting to spread the Peace Pilgrim book in Cuba.


On November 20, 1992, 103 individuals from 25 U.S. states and nine countries put their futures on the line, as they crossed the U.S. border in Texas carrying a “Friendshipment” of humanitarian aid for Cuba. In defying the 30-year old U.S. blockade they risked 10-year prison terms and fines up to $250,000. U.S. customs officials, arrested several group members, but the caravan was allowed to pass.

Just four days later, the United Nations General Assembly voted 59-3, with 79 abstentions, in favor of a Cuban-sponsored resolution calling for an end to the blockade. The only countries voting against the Cuban resolution were the United States, Israel and Romania. No one spoke in support of the U.S. position during the 2’/2 hour debate, while 20 countries spoke in support of Cuba.

Tom Hansen, the national coordinator of the caravan, is a long-time Peace Pilgrim supporter (See Newsletter 13). lie described his group’s successful challenge of the blockade in words that could be applied to the General Assembly vote as well: “This was a victory of truth over power.”


TEXAS — Peace Pilgrim had a lot to do with my beginning this year of volunteer work in Mexico.

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Theodore Taylor, a bomb designer who became a disarmament activist, called us for PEACE PILGRIM bookc and tapes. He sent scripts of three weekly radio commentaries from the 44 he made on peace that were broadcast by Buffalo’s NPR station WBFO. Here are excerpts from Commentary #1:

Soon after I reported for work at the Los Alamos Laboratory in November 1949 I showed symptoms of an addictive disease. I became fascinated with the inner workings of nuclear explosives. My mother and my wife, Caro, asked how I could work on anything designed to kill as many people as possible. My answer was the same as my government’s — making war impossible by making sure it would be completely devastating. This answer didn’t wash with Caro or my mother.

The wars in Korea and Vietnam proved that our 30,000 nuclear warheads were not preventing devastating wars. I had engaged in self deception, to feed my addiction, and I realized that my wife and mother had been right all along. For 25 years it has troubled me deeply that MY COUNTRY IS PREPARED TO KILL MILLIONS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE IN RETALIATION 10 ACTS COMMITTED BY A FEW INSANE LEADERS. I therefore say to anyone who will listen: Say NO to all nuclear weapons or expect, one way or another, to lose your humanity.

In our next newsletter we plan to publish Theodore Taylor’s deeply moving talk to the Nuclear Dialogue Project Meeting in Princeton, New Jersey.

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