Peace Pilgrim photo by James B. Burton
Photo by James B. Burton

Peace Pilgrim
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Recorded between 1955 and 1981.

Our four audio offerings are available as MP3 downloads. Talks are about one hour each:

Campbell House - 1959 - talk given in San Jacinto, California.
Dallas - Two talks recorded at Dallas Unity Church.
Salt Lake City - 1955 - talk to a small audience two years after beginning the pilgrimage.
Spiritual Growth - Given to a class at Cal State U.. Includes questions and answers.

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Peace Pilgrim's last radio interview (mp3) was done with Ted Hayes and recorded in Knox Indiana on July 6, 1981, the day before her death.

Ted Hayes Interview Transcript


You can find an audio version of our entire book
on SoundCloud.

Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work In Her Own Words
Audio Book - read by Ann Rush


Steps Toward Inner Peace Audio Offerings

Steps Toward Inner Peace - read by Ann Rush
on SoundCloud

Steps Toward Inner Peace - English
This is a reading of the first 14 pages and includes the
entire KPFP radio section of the booklet.

Pasos hacia la Paz Interior - Spanish
Read by Mayte Picco-Kline
Technical assistance - Bob Kline

Étapes vers la paix intérieure - French
Thanks to Roxana Bobulescu
for this reading.

Steps Toward Inner Peace - Romanian
Thanks to our friend and Romanian translator
Roxana Bobulescu for this reading.

Steps Toward Inner Peace - Vietnamese
Read Mai Nguyen the translator
of the Vietnamese edition of Steps.

PDF and text versions of Steps HERE.


On January 1, 2013, the 60th anniversary of the
start of the pilgrimage, All Things Considered the
NPR national evening news carried a nine minute
story about Peace Pilgrim and her pilgrimage.
Read and listen here.


Watch the hour long documentary film about
Peace Pilgrim - Peace Pilgrim: An American Sage

Watch - A Spanish language version of Peace Pilgrim: An American Sage and a short introduction to Peace Pilgrim and the documentary narrated in Spanish by José Cortés.

Watch - The Spirit of Peace - an early 1990s documetary about Peace Pilgrim.

Watch - Speaking to a College Class
Three video selections recorded at Cal State, Los Angeles in 1979

Watch - "FUSION" interview with Peace Pilgrim
27 minutes - recorded in 1981

Watch - Interview - Pensacola Junior College
31 Minutes - recorded in 1977

John Robbins Interview - The full interview, excerpts from which appear in the American Sage documentary.

Watch - PM Magazine - 6 minutes


Our friend Diana Migliano of Cosenza, Italy has posted a reading of the entire text of Steps Toward Inner Peace on YouTube in four parts. You can find them here:

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4



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