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June, 2004

Number 31

“Blessed are they who give without expecting even thanks in return, for they shall be abundantly rewarded.”

Peace Pilgrim

Joyful Celebration – 10 Years of Enlace     (index)

Beloved Friends of Enlace,

In the spring of 1994 I woke up one morning with a firm determination to become a bridge-person for the sharing of inspiration of those ideals and actions that foster harmony, inner peace and a profound sense of well-being. ENLACE (a link between kindred souls) had been born.

At the beginning I would be in contact with a few people in Chile, Spain, México and the United States who came to me in search of counseling for the exploration of their inner potential. My profound communion with Peace Pilgrim through a three-year dedication on the translation and editing of the book, “Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in her own Words” in Spanish you may see the book,
Mayte Picco-Kline
Peregrina de Paz: Su Vida y Obra en us Propias Palabras” at: (www.peacepilgrim.org/peregrina/ aframe.htm) and my previous background and professional experience in the field of psychology prepared me for the task ahead. I had recently joined the Sabian Assembly and its vision filled with everlasting hope. A new sense of expanded Mission came to me as I joyously wrote letters to some people fond of the Peace Pilgrim’s messages and began speaking about inner peace. As Peace Pilgrim did, I deeply felt that we will have peace in the world when enough of us experience inner peace.

Since then, Enlace Internacional has been published in Spanish three times a year in February, June and October. In 2000 we celebrated the New Millenium with a special edition. There we shared…

Final Goal…

“Peace represents the Highest Quality”, says Daniel E. Reynolds. “Our feet on the peace path denotes ACTIVITY, not mere circumstances.”

As Enlace celebrated 7 years of publication, Bruce Nichols, the Friends of Peace Pilgirm webmaster, spontaneously suggested placing Enlace on the Peace Pilgrim website. He has also enriched the Internet version of Enlace with beautiful photography of his own and other inspiring features. You may see these publications at:


The terrorist events in 2001 created energy for new collaboration and expansion: Bob Kline was profoundly affected by the events in New York City and decided to take the stewardship for the creation of Enlace in English, after several years of constantly and enthusiastically supporting the technical production of Enlace in Spanish. Our bulletin became bilingual in October of 2001, opening doors for new readership around the world. Then, we said …

The Path of Peace

Our daily thoughts, feelings and acts
Contribute to the total scheme of Peace.
By living to give and serving others
We become a source of inspiration.
By making peace with others we bring peace to ourselves…
We are all ONE with God.”

Enlace Internacional goes all over the world in two languages via its publication on the Internet and is now distributed directly via paper or as an email attachment in 22 nations: Brazil, Dominican Republic, United States, Argentina, Guatemala, Romania, Cuba, México, Uruguay, England, Bolivia, Tanzania, Ecuador, Italy, Costa Rica, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ghana, Nicaragua, South Africa and Spain.

And expansion continues. Just a few months ago, Emmanuel C. Haraka and a dedicated Peace Committee in Tanzania, volunteered to translate and make available our bulletin in Kiswahili, the most common speaking language in Africa. Enlace will soon become trilingual.

Our bulletin reaches out to people of varied nationalities and diverse educational, cultural and religious backgrounds. We share in the beauty of what we know to be humanity, may we be Christians, Buddhists, Muslims or sustain our functioning in any other belief system.

With your participation Enlace opens its doors to relatives and friends, it is shown in the windows in nature stores, it comes alive in radio shows, it is posted on the PBS-TV website through its “Pioneer Living Series”, it is used during presentations about inner peace, and it is a resource for dialogue in various philosophical and religious groups oriented toward the exploration of inner potential.

I wish to thank each one of you for your contributions and sustainment in spirit throughout the years. Enlace is from all to all and I enthusiastically invite you to continue actively participating and collaborating as you are moved to do so.

Following are some personal comments from our circle of friends.

“I am in a Community where a spiritual companion lives who already receives Enlace Internacional and for that reason it is not necessary to send me another. It appears to me that you have a beautiful creation. We also work in our community for humanity and peace among human beings. I believe that each of us, although with different shades, has the same intent to serve. May the spiritual light continue to illuminate your work, friends of Peace.”
Sr. Antonio
S. M. Calamuchita, Argentina

“I have left Enlaces in the waiting room of my consulting office, and the secretary tells me that people read them often. It is nice to know there are many of us who wish for peace in the world.”
Victoria Novik
Viña del Mar Alto, Chile

“To receive the Enlace Internacional bulletins is like receiving flowers of the soul from all the friends of Peace Pilgrim, flowers born in the gardens of human hearts.”
Martha María Morales Batista
Guanacaste, Costa Rica

“Thank you for your wonderful contribution, the sharing of beautiful things for the Soul. Continue!”
Néstor Hugo Almagro
Mendoza, Argentina


“Clearly we want you to continue sending us your “pinch of peace” – it makes us happy!”
Xiomara Siilva de Estrada
Bayamo, Cuba

“Your newsletter is so bright and cheerful with uplifting messages and quotes that are so meaningful!”
Rosemary Southwell
Noordhoek, South Africa

“I would like to thank you for sending me Enlace Internacional. For me it is a small window of light that opens and allows me to be united with all the souls of the universe.”
María Elena T. de Zaffuto
Mendoza, Argentina

“I have observed reflections proposed by different people in different parts of the world. ENLACE interconnects feelings from the hearts of men and women, in their clearest expressions of spiritual light.”
Henrik Goebel
Florida, United States


Some Tributes in Enlace   (index)


12 Exceptional Women – among them Peace Pilgrim

In one of my many visits to my favorite local bookstore during the winter holidays, I discovered a calendar for 1996 that caught my attention and filled me with emotion. The cover was titled "Women Who Dare" and included a photo of Peace Pilgrim wearing her tunic.

Peace Pilgrim had been selected by the prestigious Library of Congress of the United States as an exceptional woman, in company of other personalities that included, among others, the scientist Dorothy Crowfoot, who carried out important investigations on penicillin, and the astronaut Mae Jemison, who made well-known medical and biological experiments during her space mission in the shuttle Endeavour.

"PEACE PILGRIM (1908-1981): A TRAVELLER, a TEACHER", announced the article.

* * * * * * * * * * * *


Sister Magdalena de Jesús – an Enlace Participant since 1994

“Prayer is like a motor that impels, or a heart that pumps blood, which gives life to the activity of others. ‘Barefoot Carmelitas’ firmly believe in the power of prayer, and through prayer we contribute to the Church, to humanity. We offer our life for everyone, we pray for everyone”.

It fills me with joy to share with you the history of our friend Sister Magdalena de Jesus, who joined the circle of friends of Enlace Internacional from its beginning in 1994. The origins of her vocation go back to Teresa de Ahumada – Saint Teresa de Jesus (1515-1582). According to our interviewee, the greatest contribution of Saint Teresa was her emphasis on a contemplative spirit in the “Carmelo Teresiano” a call to prayer, in solitude, as a covenant of friendship with God.

The life of Sister Magdalena de Jesus is devoted to prayer. As a member of the Order of the ‘Barefoot Carmelitas’ she lives in seclusion.

She was born in 1957 in Antofagasta, in the north of Chile and entered her service in 1984. At that time, she relates, she experienced a call from God and felt strongly compelled to follow this type of life. She says she felt that through prayer she could “create” ... enhance the whole.

In 1990 she took her “Solemn Profession”, that is to say, definitive vows of abstention, poverty and obedience.

In her convent they spend the day in silence, although speech is allowed when necessary. The meals are even taken in silence, while music is listened to or someone reads aloud. Twice a day, after their two meals they have one hour of recreation. She comments: “Here we speak, we laugh, while we are doing some type of work” (mend the clothes, etc.). “When the weather is good, the recreation is done outdoors in the orchard. The reason for silence and seclusion, is to favor a climate for prayer. Our call is to become a prayer - that is to say, to make life a prayer, and to make prayer a way of life.”

In each “Carmelo” says Sister Magdalena de Jesus, reigns a deep and joyful happiness.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Swami Garfield Jansen – poet and Indian writer

“I wish to do good for all humanity and establish peace and harmony here.” (Coimbatore Tamil Nadu, India)

Garfield is a Catholic monk and a member of our Enlace Internacional circle of friends. With a doctorate in studies of the Virgin Mary and another in Divinity, he has dedicated his life to help people in a town in southern India.

Swami Garfield is in charge of a small Chapel, museum, library and reliquary. He gives lectures and writes extensively about the Virgin Mary as this is his area of specialty. He provides food, clothing and medicine to the most needy people and he counsels in the area. “Each day we find him in personal prayer and sacred reading”, says an acquaintance.

An Indian government official relates: it is a rare privilege to know Dr. Garfield Jansen, a young monk – the personification of mercy, compassion, love and wisdom. Beyond being an intelligent young person, Garfield is dedicated to serve the needy, sending a message of love to everyone, independently of caste, community or creed in all corners of the country and in distant lands across the sea.

He has received a prestigious world-wide prize for his excellent contribution to humanity and literature. His 22 books attract the attention of all types of people, especially youth.

Swami Garfield has written this poem and shares it with us …

Splendid Time

Will I pass this road again?
Permit me to stop a little
To help someone on the way
May I help someone smile?
Will I pass this road again?
Permit me to find the poor
To give them food, to give love
Can I open a door for them?
Will I pass this road again?
Permit me to give, until it blooms, and give
To do everything by Your will
Can I do this on Earth while I live?

Photo courtesy of Bruce Nichols

* * * * * * * * * * * *


Ann and John Rush – sharing the PP message around the world

I clearly remember my first encounter with Ann and John, members of the group that compiled the messages of Peace Pilgrim into a book when Peace made her glorious transition to spirit in 1981, and dedicated their lives to spreading her message. I visited them in their home in Hemet, California which became the Peace Pilgrim Center for two decades, while I was in the process of deciding to translate Peace’s book into Spanish in 1990. Their home emanated PEACE and lasting JOY when Ann happily wrote letters and John sent books and “Steps” to people who requested them.

We shared delicious vegetarian meals with bread specially prepared by John and opened together the correspondence of the day. We spoke of how they could train volunteers at the Center. Ann and I used to take long walks on desert footpaths in the San Jacinto Valley. There, Ann shared with me personal memories of Peace and how she became involved in spreading her message. One day, Ann related that once she had decided to write an article for the Brotherhood of Reconciliation and described her dilemma when trying to paraphrase Peace Pilgrim’s words, she was inspired one week while next to the sea where she ate watermelons. There, when she quietly meditated she reached the conclusion that the story of Peace was going to be said in her own words.

I also remember clearly her big smile while she told me of the great joy when they received the first box of books in their home in Whittier, California - she knew then that Peace Pilgrim was with us in spirit and in a form which could reach thousands of people.

Recently Ann and John retired and moved to New Hampshire. Speaking of the secrets of their success they frequently say they feel very lucky. “The work we do is both, inspirational and challenging, since the message of Peace Pilgrim is much needed in the world. In this sense we consider ourselves blessed to be part of it”.

Sabian Corner   (index)

“My being is the shrine of indwelling light
and love.”

“My wealth is based upon the joy of service.”

“My heart re-echoes peace from every heart.”

Marc Edmund Jones

Welcome   (index)

A warm welcome to our newest friends in the Enlace Internacional circle: Jim Herr, Mary C. Sharp and Dora Verónica Pérez in the United States, Rodolfo Prieto, Silvia Najul and Graciela Furque in Argentina, Alberto Pazmino in Ecuador, Emmanuel C. Haraka in Tanzania, Juan Villalpando in México and Awudi Gadrr in Ghana.

Peace Pilgrim Books   (index)

We receive news from dear friend Kathy Miller at the Peace Pilgrim Center in Somerset, California and she shares there is a great supply of Peace Pilgrim books in English and Spanish available to be shared as requested. Please write directly to her either in English or Spanish or call in English and she will be happy to share “Peace Pilgrim: her Life and Work in her own Words” and “Steps toward Inner Peace” with you.
peregrina de paz

Friends of Peace Pilgrim
3750 Dorado Canyon Road
Somerset, CA 95684
United States of America
{telephone: (530) 620-0333}
email - friends@peacepilgrim.org

Reflections     (index)

On this occasion we are publishing some of of Peace Pilgrim’s favorite messages. Other friends who have enthsiastically contributed to this traditional section of Enlace over the years are: María A. Romero, Agma Sweeney, José Luis Flores, Gelacio Trujillo, William Quintero and Linda Moyers Stewart in the United States; Xiomara Jeréz Zamora, Carolina Valdés P., Maricela Navarrete, Ciro Labrada and Yanexy Gutiérrez Arañóz in Cuba, Haroldo Gutiérrez C. in México, Hans Frederiksen Ayala in Bolivia, María Elena Trubiano de Zaffuto, Daniel Eduardo Ronda, Rosa Elba Olmedo, Mauro Franchini, Rosita Zavarino, Enrique Vatri, Antonia and José Domene in Argentina, Vladimir Gudzenko in Russia and Martha María Morales Batista in Costa Rica.

Love is the most powerful force in the world. (Mario Mosquera, United States. – February 1995)

Concentrate in giving, so you can be open to receive. (Amparo Vila Pérez, Spain – June 1996)

The spiritual life is the real life; everything else are illusions and are deceptive. (Marcos Polanco, United States; Victoria Novik Assael, Chile – October 1999)

Live this day! Yesterday is only a dream and tomorrow is only a vision, but today lived well makes each yesterday a dream of happiness and each morning a dream of hope. (Zoraida Martínez, States United; Silvia Ruth Crespo, Argentina – October 1999)

Be still and know God. (SFC, Argentina – June 2000)

When you finally give your life – aligning your beliefs and the way in which you live – then, and only then, can you begin to find inner peace. (Mary Newswanger, Costa Rica – October 2002)

Judging others will avail you nothing and will injure you spiritually. Only if you can inspire others to judge themselves, will anything worthwhile have been accomplished. (Mayte Picco-Kline, United. States - June, 1994; Hna. Magdalena de Jesús, Chile - June, 1997; David Zaldivar Aguilar, Cuba, - June 1998; Zoraida Martínez, United States - June 2001; Emilia Kuri Cristino, México - October 2003)

When you find inner peace the need to convert yourself into something different ends; you are happy in being, which includes following your divine guidance. You nevertheless continue to grow, but in harmony. (Rosemary Southwell, South Africa – February 2004)

Life is a mixture of successes and failures. May you be encouraged by the successes and strengthened by the failures. As long as you never lose faith in God, you will be victorious over any situation you may face. (David Zaldívar Aguilar, Cuba; Mario Mosquera, United States - February 1998; Pedro M. Roblejo Ramos, Cuba - February 2004)


Send your questions concerning inner peace, contributions and artistic expressions to Mayte Picco-Kline. Enlace is published three times yearly by email. If this is the first time you've received and you wish to be a part of our circle of friends, please send a confirmation note.

Enlace Internacional    (index)
Email: maytepk@solarm.net


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