Peace Pilgrim's

This is the way of PEACE:
overcome evil with good, and falsehood with truth,
and hatred with love.

Peace Pilgrim Quote of the Month
December 2016

Cliff Stelover Painting of Peace Pilgrim
Painting by
Cliff Stelover

"If your life is in harmony with your part in the Life Pattern, and if you are obedient to the laws which govern this universe, then life is full and life is good but life is nevermore overcrowded. If it is overcrowded, then you are doing more than is right for you to do - more than is your job to do in the total scheme of things. Now there is a living to give instead of to get. As you concentrate on the giving, you discover that just as you cannot receive without giving, so neither can you give without receiving - even the most wonderful things like health and happiness and inner peace. There is a feeling of endless energy, it just never runs out, it seems to be as endless as air. You seem to be plugged in to the source of universal energy."

From: "Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work In Her Own Words" - page 23


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